Care Guidelines

Here’s how to properly maintain and care for your glass shower door. By following these simple guidelines, you greatly increase its longevity and ensure years of worry-free use.


Our shower door use safety tempered glass. It’s many times stronger than ordinary glass and will shatter into smaller, comparatively harmless pieces if broken.

Be mindful when opening and closing your shower door. Don't lean or support your weight on the glass, as it's not weight-bearing.

Water Resistance

Shower doors are designed to be water-resistant, and will prevent significant leaks under normal shower conditions, but excessive water pressure, or directing the shower spray or water jets directly at the seams can result in water seepage. Ensure that your door is properly shut to maximize its efficacy.

A bath rug or mat can absorb any droplets, spray, or water leaks that escape your shower door. Large leaks are often attributed to fallacies in the construction or design of the shower space, like improper inwards pitch of the floor or curb, and could be mitigated with additional hardware or seals, which we can provide.

Hardware Care

Shower door seals are inexpensive and disposable components. These can be easily purchased online, or from us, and replaced yourself, or through our shower door service.

We use mildew-resistant silicone caulking, which should remain clear if you follow the care guidelines above. If your caulking is in need of care, it can removed and reapplied. You can do this yourself, or through our shower door service.


Keeping your shower door ajar when not in use allows air to circulate inside if your shower space and can help prevent the growth of mildew.

Consider switching to a rainfall shower head if your shower spray is too strong and escapes your shower door.

Often times, stains on your glass are not mineral deposits, but hard soap scum that can be removed with a commercial degreaser.

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