Terms of Service

We've designed our terms of service to make it very easy to work with us, and fair to you in protecting your purchase. These detail our contract with you and will govern all products and services we provide you.


Most orders are placed by submitting a deposit. When you place your order, we'll email you with your order details. We encourage you to review them, ensure everything is as you've selected, and let us know if you have any questions or concerns. We will provide exactly what is detailed on the order.


Once your order is ready, we'll schedule your installation and notify you via email/text with a date and time window to confirm. Of course, you'll have the opportunity to request a different date or time window. Installations are only scheduled Monday to Friday, between the hours of 8am and 2pm, and with exception, on Saturdays, and subject to change without notice, notably with respect to national holidays.

You must make all necessary arrangements with your building, community, or association for our entry on the scheduled installation date, and notify us if any documentation is requested. We do not communicate with buildings, communities, or associations on your behalf.

We'll arrive as close to the scheduled time window as possible, and make our professional effort to leave your space in the condition in which we found it. Our team works best with an unobstructed pathway to the installation site and a clear and dry worksite to handle delicate and heavy glass components. We ask that you move any valuable possessions, and recommend scheduling other trades around us, as we cannot be liable for any damages.

Work Authorization

You authorize us to perform work on your premises, and understand that deconstructive processes, such as drilling, grinding or gluing, are used in the installation process.


Once we're done, we'll ask you or your representative to review our work to ensure it has been completed to your satisfaction. If no one is available, our work is deemed accepted.


Your order balance payment is due within 7 days after installation, delivery, or pickup, as applicable. If your order is comprised of multiple items, spread across more than one installation, payment for the calculated balance of any installed items may be due before the remaining items in your order are installed.

Late Payment

Your order balance becomes past due after 7 days from installation, delivery, or pickup, as applicable. Our discounts, price adjustments, and promotions are subject to your timely payment of the order balance. A past due order balance will annul any and all discounts, price adjustments, and promotions. A late fee totaling 1% of your order balance will be assessed for every 30 days your order balance remains unpaid.

Complimentary Products & Services

We frequently offer courtesy or complimentary services and products to our customers, such as installing a grab bar, or adjusting an existing shower door. If applicable to you, these are provided as is, without warrant.

Missed installation

If we cannot enter your premises, the installation site is not ready, or if you need to change the scheduled installation date or time giving less than 24 hours notice, a $75 missed installation charge will be billed for our trip and time, as we are unable to redirect our team at short notice.


Once your order is ready, you'll receive an email from us with your delivery date and time window. If you or your representative is not available to take delivery of your order, we will return your order, unless otherwise agreed. A $75 missed delivery charge will be billed before another delivery is attempted.


Installation or delivery can be deferred at your request if you need more time. Installation or delivery can also be deferred at our discretion if there are serious problems with your installation site, if we are unable to enter the premises, or are unable to reach you. When an installation or delivery is deferred, your order balance will become due after 45 days from the date the order was placed, and must be paid within 7 days. Once your order is paid in full, we will store your order for 180 additional days should you decide to request installation or delivery, if deferred at your request, or if we are able to proceed with the installation or delivery, if deferred at our discretion.


We provide our best estimate on any timeframe provided, and make our best efforts to meet it. Factors outside our control, such as component availability and manufacturing issues can create an unforeseeable delay. We'll notify you of any delays, and in the case of a lengthy delay, offer a fair remedy at our sole discretion.


We cannot be liable for the conditions of the site to which we install. All installations present a rare but inherent risk of unforeseen incidental damage. We make our best efforts to minimize this risk, but cannot be liable for any damages (i.e. cracked tiles resulting from improper tiling, or punctured service lines resulting from nonstandard locations). Accordingly, we reserve the right not to install an item if there are serious problems with your installation site until those are addressed.

Shower Doors

Shower doors are not weight bearing, even when reinforced, and may detach or shatter if braced against. A shower door that leaks water is most often a result of shortcomings in the design or construction of the shower space. As the behavior of water will not become evident until after a shower door is installed, we cannot be liable for this condition, but will readily work with you to find a solution.Several criteria exist to achieve a solid and sturdy shower door, and we'll always make our best recommendations to you. Ultimately, a shower door is all yours, and the decision for what you order is made at your discretion and responsibility.


In the case of an impasse, we will deduct the calculated installation cost from your order balance and deem your order completed. You'll receive an email from us with this assessment, including instructions for collecting your order, or arranging its delivery with us. Payment for your updated balance will be due within 7 days.


Orders for custom items are final. Once you place an order, we allocate dates, draft plans, and begin producing something that is unique for you. However, under certain circumstances you may be able to make changes to an order. Orders for service or repairs can be cancelled no later than 48 hours from the scheduled date.

We reserve the right to cancel all or part of your order. Should this occur, we'll contact you with this assessment, and return your deposit for the item(s) cancelled.

Order Changes

Under certain circumstances, you might be able to make changes to an order. Please let us know promptly after placing your order.


If you're not entirely happy with your purchase, we'll offer you the opportunity of an exchange at our parts-only price, providing installation labor in exchanging what you ordered for free.

Quote & Estimates

Quotes are valid for 30 days. If your order was placed through an estimate, your invoice may be updated to reflect actual pricing.

Certificates of Insurance

If your building, community, or association requires a certificate of insurance from us, its issuance can take a few days, which may delay your installation or delivery. If additional insureds or waivers of subrogation are requested, these may cost extra and will be billed to you as quoted by the insurer affording coverage.


Please see our warranty page for our exact coverage. Our warranty is applicable to orders that have been paid in full and in accordance with payment terms previously stipulated in these Work Terms and Conditions.


We may take photographs of our work, which may be used as visual aids or for marketing purposes.

These terms and conditions are governed by the laws in the State of Florida (without giving effect to its conflict of law provisions) and are the only ones that govern the products and services we provide you.