Walk-in shower glass

Fixed and swinging screens for maximum space

As Miami's premier shower enclosure experts, we specialize in frameless glass walk-in shower screens, also known as splash guards, that are either fixed, or smoothly pivot open and closed. Our made-to-measure shower screens fit perfectly in any shower or tub space. Effortlessly walk-in access without compromising style or splashing. Let our experienced team handle measuring, manufacturing, and installation - transforming your bathroom.

Frameless and custom-made, any size, any space

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A swinging shower screen installed on a tub.
A large glass shower screen with thick clear glass and polished chrome hardware.
Our walk-in shower screens

Open Space Elegance:
The Shower Screen

Uncover the seamless blend of water resistance and open design with our shower screens, fashioned to complement any bathroom layout with a touch of modernity. These screens stand as a stylish barrier, offering an unobtrusive solution to water splash without closing off space. Each screen, available in a variety of finishes, can be customized for your unique shower area, promising both elegance and functionality. Whether fixed or swinging, our shower screens are about more than just separation—they define the look and feel of your bathroom while providing practical everyday use.

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Inspire Your
Shower Space

From sleek frameless designs to modern matte black finishes, each shower door we install tells a story of craftsmanship and style. Let our gallery of past projects spark your imagination and guide your bathroom transformation.

A fixed shower screen with a matte black frame on all four edges.
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The Clear Choice.
Clairon Walk-in Shower Screens

Rejuvenate your bathroom with Clairon's bespoke shower screens, the epitome of functional design and refined aesthetics. Our expertise in frameless screens since 2005 allows us to offer personalized solutions that capture your vision for a serene and stylish shower space.

Collaborating closely with you, our team tailors each shower screen to meet the specific contours and dimensions of your bathroom. Crafted on-site with superior materials, our screens ensure high-quality transparency and durability without the bulk of traditional doors. Our streamlined shower screens stand as a testament to minimalist design, enhancing your bathroom without overpowering it.

Customized for function and fashion, our shower screens resist water splashes effectively, all while maintaining the openness of your shower's design. They’re constructed with longevity in mind, combining the clarity of glass with the strength of precise fittings. Experience the trusted expertise of Miami's favorite frameless screen provider. Reach out to Clairon today for a consultation and transform your bathroom with a shower screen that defines elegance.

Walk-in Shower Screen FAQs

Are your shower screens frameless?

Yes! Our glass shower screens are truly frameless. Fixed panels are held in place by low-profile clamps, and is comprised of thick 3/8" or 1/2" glass, so there's no need for framing the glass like shower doors of the past.

Why choose a shower screen?

Shower screens are a minimal and sleek to provide water resistance to a shower space. They represent a stylistic and usability decision many customers desire. There's less hardware and obtrusiveness when compared to swinging and sliding shower doors.

Can I customize the hardware on my shower screen?

Absolutely. we offer a wide selection of hardware shapes and finishes to choose from. Whether you prefer a classic style, modern, or something in between, we can customize your shower screen to meet your exact hardware preferences.

Do shower screens leak?

All our shower screens are manufactured to conform to the contour of your shower space, however the lack of a door means water containment is achieved largely through the design and build of the shower space. Properly tiling past the edge of the shower edge, and understanding that some water may escape ensures the functionality afforded by shower screens.

How much does a walk-in shower screen cost?

Pricing largely varies on the type of glass, sizing, and layout of your shower space, but the average cost of a walk-in shower screen is $800, installed.

What is the lead time for custom walk-in shower screen?

Generally, from consultation to installation, we'll have your shower screen installed in less than a week. Our manufacturing process and automated order system remain unmatched, resulting in the fastest turnaround in South Florida.

Do your walk-in shower screens come with a warranty?

Yes, we stand behind the quality of our products and craftsmanship. Our shower screens come with a three-year warranty that covers any manufacturing defect. For detailed warranty information, please visit our warranty page.

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With nearly two decades of expertise, Clairon stands as Miami's premier choice for custom frameless glass shower doors, boasting thousands of quality installations in South Florida. Since 2005, we've been focused on perfecting the design, fabrication, and installation of shower enclosures, offering unmatched skill and service to local homeowners and the trade.