Frosted Glass Shower Doors

Frosted Glass Shower Doors Filter Light Beautifully for a Soft, Relaxing Shower

Clairon's frosted glass shower doors add effortless elegance to any Miami bathroom. Frosted tempered glass softly diffuses light to provide an airy, spa-like feel while obscuring views for a private shower experience. All our frosted doors are constructed right here in Miami using top quality hardware chosen to complement the soft frosted glass. Let Clairon transform your bathroom with bespoke frosted glass shower doors frosted and fabricated just for you.

A walk-in shower screen with black framing and frosted glass.
A typical swinging shower door shown with frosted glass.

Frosting on glass shower doors is achieved through various meticulous techniques, each offering a unique finish and level of privacy. Acid-etched glass offers a smooth, consistent frosted effect, while sandblasting gives a more pronounced texture. For a customizable touch, frosted vinyl can be applied to specific sections of the door, such as a central band or top fringe, providing both design detail and privacy where it's needed most. This versatility ensures that your shower door's frosting aligns perfectly with your aesthetic and functional desires.

Options for Privacy

How Is Frosted Glass Achieved?

A glass clamp on a frosted glass shower door.

What frosted glass options do you offer for shower doors?

We provide a variety of frosted glass designs for all our shower doors, including swinging, sliding, and half glass shower screens. Our selections include acid-etched glass for a smooth and consistent frosted look, as well as sandblasted glass, which offers a more textured finish with a deeper frosting effect.

How does frosted glass provide privacy in the bathroom?

Frosted glass is designed to obscure visibility while still allowing light to pass through, offering an ideal balance of privacy and brightness in the bathroom. The level of opacity varies between our acid-etched and frosted option, so you'll find the right fit between a slight blur and complete concealment.

Is frosted glass more difficult to clean than clear glass?

Frosted glass requires the same level of maintenance as clear glass. The textured side of frosted glass is normally faced towards the outside of the shower space, whilst the smooth glass side faces in, eliminating the possiblity for water minerals to embed on the more porous frosted side. Regular cleaning with appropriate glass cleaners will keep both acid-etched and sandblasted surfaces looking pristine.

Can frosted glass be customized for any shower door size or style?

Absolutely. We can tailor frosted glass to fit any shower door dimensions or style preferences. Whether you have a specific design in mind or need guidance to determine the best fit for your space, our team can help customize the perfect frosted glass solution for your bathroom.

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