Folding Glass Shower Doors

Folding Glass Doors Seamlessly Expand Your Shower Experience

Clairon's meticulously designed bi-fold shower doors fold away discreetly to reveal wide-open grand entrances into your shower space. Their stacked glass panels elegantly accordion to maximize views and access without occupying interior space. Smooth, quiet hardware allows our custom-sized bifolds to open and close effortlessly with a gentle push. Perfect for contemporary and modern bathrooms, bi-fold doors prevent cramped feelings. We expertly install frameless bifolds to enhance any shower.

Hydroslide bifold shower door in chrome finish in a bathroom with white subway tile.
Maximize your space

Sleek Folds, Spacious Showers.

A Hydroside sliding system installed on a compact shower stall in a corner configuration.
A folding glass shower screen comprised of three panel, shown collapsed.
A folding glass shower screen comprised of three panel, shown extended.

Step into the realm of innovative design with our folding and bi-fold shower doors, tailored for the modern home that doesn't compromise on style or functionality. These doors are a masterful solution for compact spaces, artfully designed to maximize your bathroom's area without sacrificing the spacious feel of your shower. Our bi-fold doors elegantly fold in on themselves, offering a seamless opening experience that blends effortlessly into the room, while our folding options present a practical yet chic alternative to traditional shower enclosures.

With a focus on sleek operation and space efficiency, our folding and bi-fold doors come in an array of styles to complement any bathroom decor. From the crisp lines of fully framed glass to the minimalist appeal of frameless designs, these doors are as versatile as they are practical. Each fold and turn is engineered for smoothness and durability, ensuring that your shower door is not only a centerpiece but also a lasting element of your daily comfort and convenience.

Folding Glass Shower Door FAQs

What are the advantages of folding glass shower doors?

Folding and bi-fold glass shower doors are ideal for saving space in smaller bathrooms, as they fold into the shower area, reducing the need for clearance outside the shower. They also provide a modern, sleek look and offer easy access to the shower space.

How do bi-fold glass shower doors work?

Folding and bi-fold shower doors consist of safety temperd glass panels connected by hinges that fold into the shower. They can be free-floating, or run on a top track for easier opening and closing.

Can folding shower doors be installed in any shower?

Folding and bi-fold doors are versatile, but work best in certain configurations due to their folding mechanism. They're ideal for alcove showers in smaller shower spaces. It's important to assess your bathroom layout to ensure a bi-fold door is a suitable option.

Can I customize my folding shower door?

Of course! Our folding shower doors come in various finishes, glass types, and frame styles to match your bathroom's decor. You can choose from clear, frosted, or patterned glass and various frame finishes. Custom sizes are also available to fit unique shower dimensions.

Are folding shower doors water-tight?

Folding shower doors are designed to minimize water leakage with seals and sweeps. However, like all shower doors and curtains, a minimal amount of water might escape, especially with high-pressure shower systems. Our proper installation and regular maintenance of any seals will help ensure maximum water retention.

How durable are folding shower doors?

They're designed to withstand daily use, with tempered glass for safety and durable tracks and hinges. Our proper installation and maintenance when needed will be key to ensuring their longevity and smooth operation.

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