Glass Shower Door Maintenance 101: Tips for Keeping Your Door Clean and Clear

Keep your glass shower doors sparkling clean — here are some maintenance and cleaning tips to try.

Image of fogged up shower door glass from up-close.

There's no doubt glass shower doors surpass curtains in all aspect of cleanliness. However, they can become dirty and grimy like anything else if not properly maintained and cleaned. To keep your glass shower doors sparkling clean, here are some maintenance and cleaning tips to follow.

A glass shower door space with a squeegee available on the wall.
Keeping a squeegee handy, and getting into the habit of a quick wipe after showering will render most other maintenance unnecessary.

Pick a Cleaning Routine You Can Stick To

Picking a routine you can stick to is the best way to keep your shower door virtually spotless. Here are some ideas:

Squeegee After Each Use

One of the easiest ways to prevent soap scum and water spots from forming on your glass shower doors is to squeegee them after each use. This simple step can go a long way in keeping your doors clean and shiny. Keep a squeegee in your shower and use it to wipe down the doors after each shower.

Use a Drying Cloth

While using a squeegee is the best way to prevent soap scum and water spots from forming on your glass shower doors, you can also use a cleaning cloth or your towel as an alternative. Simply use the cloth or towel to wipe down the glass after your shower. However, this method can leave behind streaks or lint on the glass. If you choose to use a cloth or towel, make sure to give extra attention to any areas with hard water stains or soap scum.

Make glass part of your bathroom's regular cleaning routine

Many of our customers opt to focus on their glass as part of their regular cleaning routine. Using a non-abrasive cleaner on the glass to remove any spots and soap scum goes a long way. Don't forget to use a bleach gel on any caulking to eliminate the formation of mildew.

How to clean your glass without scratching it

Pick the right cleaning solution

When it comes to cleaning your glass shower doors, it's important to use the right cleaning solution. Avoid using abrasive cleaners, as they can scratch and damage the glass. Instead, choose a mild, non-abrasive cleaner that is specifically designed for glass surfaces. Some good options include vinegar and water, or Windex.

Apply cleaner and let it sit

Once you've chosen your cleaning solution, apply it to the glass shower doors and let it sit for a few minutes. This will give the cleaner time to dissolve any soap scum or hard water stains. Don't let the cleaner dry on the glass, though - if it starts to dry, add more cleaner.

Scrub gently with a soft brush

After letting the cleaner sit for a few minutes, use a soft-bristled brush to scrub the glass gently. Pay extra attention to any areas with hard water stains or soap scum. Avoid using a rough or abrasive brush, as this can scratch the glass.

Rinse thoroughly and dry

Once you've scrubbed the glass, rinse it thoroughly with warm water. Make sure to rinse away all of the cleaning solution and any dirt or grime that may have accumulated. After rinsing, use a clean, dry microfiber cloth to dry the glass shower doors. This will prevent water spots and streaks from forming.

Don't Forget your Hardware

The hardware of your shower door can become dirty and dull over time due to soap scum, hard water stains, and daily use. Here are some steps to follow when cleaning the hardware of your shower door:

A close up view of shower door hardware.

Remove any buildup

Use a soft-bristled brush or an old toothbrush to remove any buildup of soap scum or hard water stains from the hardware. If the buildup is stubborn, you can use a mild cleaner like vinegar and water or baking soda and water to loosen it up.

Wipe down and dry

Once you've removed any buildup, wipe down the hardware with a damp cloth. This will remove any dirt or grime that may be left behind. After wiping down the hardware with a damp cloth, use a dry cloth or microfiber towel cloth to dry it off – this will prevent water spots and streaks from forming.

Lubricate when necessary

If your shower door hardware squeaks or doesn't move smoothly, you can lubricate it with a silicone lubricant. Apply a small amount of the lubricant to the hinges, rollers, or tracks and move the hardware back and forth to distribute it evenly.

By following these maintenance and cleaning tips, you can keep your glass shower doors looking clean and beautiful for years to come. Remember to pick a routine you can stick to, choose the right cleaning solution, and don't forget about the hardware. With a little bit of effort and attention, your glass shower doors will stay sparkling clean and clear.

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