Low-iron Glass Shower Doors

No Tint, No Tone - True Transparency with Low-iron Glass Shower Doors

Discover the truest form of transparency with our Low-Iron Glass options. Designed for those who appreciate the finer details, these shower doors offer a pristine view, stripped of the common greenish glass tint. It's clarity at its finest – for a bathroom that reflects your impeccable taste.

A frameless swinging shower door featuring low-iron ultra clear glass.
Comparison of standard clear and low-iron clear glass in different thicknesses.

The Science Behind Crystal Clear Low-Iron Glass

The magic behind low-iron glass is its low iron content, with at least 90% less iron than standard glass. Iron causes the greenish-blue tint you see in normal glass, by absorbing light in the visible light spectrum. With minimal iron, low-iron Starphire ultra-clear glass transmits visible light better, resulting in a visual light transmittance (VLT) of over 90% compared to around 81% for standard glass. This means colors shine brighter and more true-to-life. Your view is crisper, with no distorted hues. Low-iron glass provides the clearest sightline possible for shower doors, creating a luxurious bathing experience.

87% Less Green
(Compared to Regular Glass)

Iron content contributes to the green cast of glass. Low-iron's content of less .01% iron results in it's unique clarity characteristic.

90-91% Visible Light Transmittance (VLT)

Allows almost all of the visible light to pass through, making it ideal for shower doors, where maximum transparency and clarity is desired.

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Low-iron Glass FAQs

What is low-iron glass?

Low iron glass is a type of glass made with silica that has very low amounts of iron. This reduction in iron content results in a glass with higher transparency and less of a greenish tint, which is common in standard glass. The clarity and true color transmission of low iron glass make it ideal for shower doors, where clear visibility and purity of color are desired.

Is low-iron glass more expensive than regular glass?

Yes, low-iron Starphire ultra-clear glass is more expensive than standard glass due to the advanced technology and materials required to produce glass with such low iron content and clarity. However, the visual benefits and luxury are well worth the investment, especially on shower spaces with white or neutral tone tiling as the backdrop.

Is it worth getting low-iron glass?

Low-iron glass will give you the clearest glass possible, and allow for maximum light to pass through it. We recommend it in cases of a continuously tiled wall in white or neutral-tone tile, such as subway tiling. Tiles such as these provide a backdrop for the glass that is best served by low-iron glass, which will keep the tile color uniform.

Do you offer frosted low-iron glass?

Yes, we offer frosted low-iron glass, created by acid-etching or sandblasting the surface of the glass to make it diffuse light. It provides privacy while still allowing light to pass through. When this process is applied to low-iron glass, the result is a high-clarity, frosted glass with minimal color distortion.

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