Swinging Glass Shower Doors

Frameless & made-to-size, any space, any shape.

We're Miami's experts on Swinging Glass Shower Doors. Our doors are truly frameless, hanging beautifully on sleek hinges that allow them to pivot open and closed with ease. They're made-to-size for the perfect fit on any tub or shower space, including 90-degree and 130-degree (or neo-angle) corner spaces. Our swinging glass shower doors are available in a variety of finishes and can be fully customized with your choice of hardware.

Frameless and custom-made, any size, any space

Customize everything, for the perfect style

Professionally Installed within 5-7 business days

Angle view of a corner hinged glass shower door with VC series handle and polished chrome finish.
Frameless swinging shower door installed on an alcove shower space.
Our Swinging Shower Doors

Combining Aesthetic Appeal with Practical Design

Our swinging doors offer a seamless, frameless elegance tailored precisely for your unique shower or tub space, accommodating even the most challenging layouts, including corner and neo-angle showers. Each door is available in a wide range of finishes and can be personalized to match your preferred hardware style, ensuring a perfect blend of form and function in your bathroom design.

Frameless, and made-to-size

Alcove Glass Shower Doors

Alcove shower doors are designed for single-sided shower spaces enclosed by three walls, providing a sleek and space-efficient showering solution. Our custom-made alcove shower doors stand out by ensuring a flawless fit, even in spaces where floors may not be level or walls not perfectly plumb. Unlike off-the-shelf options that often result in unsightly gaps due to their standard square-cut glass, our made-to-measure doors are tailored to the unique dimensions of your shower, guaranteeing a seamless and gap-free installation for any space.

A collage of many images of glass shower doors.

Inspire Your
Shower Space

From sleek frameless designs to modern matte black finishes, each shower door we install tells a story of craftsmanship and style. Let our gallery of past projects spark your imagination and guide your bathroom transformation.

A neo-angle glass shower door with a transom panel over the door.
Miami's Go-To Shower Door Company

The Benefits of a Clairon Swinging Shower Door

Elevate your shower experience with the performance and elegance of a Clairon custom swinging glass shower door. As specialists in frameless shower doors since 2005, we manufacture each shower door from quality glass and premium components, ensuring durable construction and reliable performance. The tailored fit you'll find on every shower door we manufacture eliminates leaks and awkward spacing issues common with one-size-fits-all doors you'll find at department stores.

Our team works with you to create a shower door that accentuate the exact dimensions and layout of your space, as well as your style. Our swinging doors operate flawlessly on sleek hinges, crafted to avoid cluttering your clean modern aesthetic, all to bring your dream shower to life.

Trust Miami's longtime leader in frameless doors to deliver a truly personalized swinging shower door. Contact Clairon to schedule your in-home measuring and consultation, and upgrade your bathroom.

Swinging Shower Door FAQs

Are your swinging shower doors frameless?

Yes! Our swinging shower doors are truly frameless. Fixed panels are held in place by low-profile clamps, and door panels feature frameless hinges. The entire enclosure is made from thick 3/8" or 1/2" glass, so there's no need for framing the glass like shower doors of the past.

Why choose a swinging shower door?

Swinging shower doors are lower profile than sliding shower doors, meaning there's less hardware to see. You can usually achieve a more comfortable opening space and ease-of-use with a swinging shower door.

Can I customize the hardware on my swinging shower door?

Absolutely. We understand that the details matter, which is why we offer a wide selection of hardware finishes to choose from. Whether you prefer a classic style, modern, or something in between, we can customize your swinging door to meet your exact hardware preferences.

Do swinging shower doors leak?

All our swinging shower doors are manufactured to conform to the contour of your shower space, so when doors are closed, you'll experience no leaks under normal shower conditions. Good water containment comes from a shower space's design, which is why we urge you to read our tips to the perfect shower space.

How much does a swinging shower door cost?

Pricing largely varies on the type of glass, sizing, and layout of your shower space, but the average cost of a swinging shower door installed is $900 all-inclusive.

What is the lead time for custom swinging shower doors?

Generally, from consultation to installation, we'll have your shower door installed in less than a week. Our manufacturing process and automated order system remain unmatched, resulting in the fastest turnaround in South Florida.

Do your swinging shower doors come with a warranty?

Yes, we stand behind the quality of our products and craftsmanship. Our swinging shower doors come come with a three-year warranty that covers any manufacturing defects. For detailed warranty information, please visit our warranty page.